Private Equity Buyouts

Private Equity Buyouts

We bring private equity into the 21st Century and accessible for those that where excluded in the passed

Our mission is to pass on the acquired assets to the next generation of professional. ‘I’d like to think thats my children (Rosie & George), Time will tell – Steve Coogan – Founder.

Like our sellers, legacy is at the heart of what we do.

We have installed the academics standard and commitment onto them.

Building Relationships

Maintaining Relationships

Acquiring & Maintaining Businesses

What We Look For

We seek business owners that have no succession plan and want to off load their lives work into safe hands. Who have the same long term vision.  It might be the case there is a change in circumstances. People have many reasons to exit their business.

If you were or are considering an exit then read more or get in touch.

Our Criteria

Our Private Equity buyouts generally fit the following criteria

  • Revenues of £10M-£50M
  • EBITDA of £2M-£10M
  • 15-20+ years of operating history
  • Minimum staff members, 40
  • Positive operating margins and cash flow
  • Strong, defensible, niche position in a market
  • High customer retention rates
  • Happy employees with low turnover
  • Headquarters in the UK
  • Sector agnostics. For SAAS deals we may treat them differently.  Always worth a discussion.
Private Equity Buyouts


Our Sole Mission

Our sole mission is to create a portfolio of lacy business for the next generation of Coogan’s.

Capital Cycle

We have no intention of selling and our modus operandi is to long term hold (LTH) there is no reason that we would ever be forced to sell. Our capital is permanent. Returns are measured in decades, not fundraising cycles

Long Term

Following an investment from Madison Carter Finance, we will personally be involved in whatever way is most helpful for the business. If required, we will work with you to develop a plan for the coming decades that includes as much operational or financial assistance – as is beneficial. 


Businesses do not operate in isolation and neither do we. Madison Carter Finance wants to be a helpful citizen to all members of the communities in which we operate.


As a collection of entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors, Madison Carter Finance has built a team that will help create value across industries, geographies and economic cycles.


We are committed to being the most transparent partner. You can expect us to respond to every message within 24 hours, to write in common language and get straight to the point

Business Owners

Selling a business, particularly one you have built from nothing into a successful organisation over decades, is an incredibly difficult decision.

We at Madison Carter Finance understand this struggle and are here to be a partner for you through this process.

We also know that selling a business is a two-way street where both buyer and seller should be aligned in their expectations of the future. This is why we have written up a short collection of comments we regularly hear from owners and how Madison Carter Finance responds.

Private Equity Buyout Succession Plan

Frequently Asked Questions For Business Owners

Why Sell To Madison Carter Finance?

We are a small fund that mission is to build a portfolio of business that we hold for the long term (LTH).

I am not quite ready to sell, but I want to learn more about selling my business

Fantastic. We would love to get into the details of how a transaction comes together. We can tell you more about how we would value your business, the best things to complete before actively pursuing a transaction and much more.

I would like to do more of what I love to do and less of what I don’t like to do

This scenario typically takes two forms: (1) an owner started a business because they love the product or service being sold, but are now forced to do many of the functions of running the business that they do not love or (2) an owner wants to spend more time with family, but isn’t quite ready to step away from the business entirely.

We are happy to help make this a reality for you. Given our ability to step in and help with day to day operations immediately, we can design a plan where you spend your time doing what you want to do and we do the rest.

It is time to reap the benefits of what I have built, but I also want to participate in the next phase of growth

This scenario makes us smile. We agree that you should benefit from what you have built, and we would love to have you involved in the future of the business. While Madison Carter Finance looks to acquire majority ownership, we are always happy to have owners retain a financial interest in the business after a transaction. Some sellers elect to retain an equity interest to take a bit more risk, while others prefer to provide seller debt and lock in their return. We are happy to have you participate in either way.

My employees are like family to me and I want to make sure they are taken care of under new ownership

People make great businesses; it is that simple in our mind. Having happy, high achieving, dedicated employees is always priority number 1. We welcome the opportunity to get to know you and your business, because no matter how much we write about people being our top priority, nothing can replace getting to know the actual individuals. You are always welcome to reach out with tough questions and we will be here to give you our honest answers.

I don’t care who buys my business. I simply want to sell to the highest bidder and promptly move to the beach

While most owners are not this explicit, it is a perfectly understandable perspective. If this is your scenario, we at Madison Carter Finance are likely not the best fit for you. There are plenty of other buyers who will use more leverage and look to make fast changes with the businesses they acquire in order to justify paying the highest possible price.

Work With Us

We welcome the opportunity to work with any and all parters in the value chain, brokers, accountants, investors, lenders sellers and other intermediaries.

If we reached out to you, thank you for looking through our site. If you found us, please reach out and introduce yourself, we would be happy to meet you.

Below find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive from intermediaries.

Frequently Asked Questions Partners

How does Madison Carter Finance plan to finance an acquisition?

Madison Carter Finance has fully committed, permanent capital. This capital will fund the equity portion of any acquisition. Madison Carter Finance may also decide to use a small amount of seller or bank debt to help finance the acquisition.

What size investments does Madison Carter Finance target?

At the low end, Madison Carter Finance looks to make for revenues of least £5+ million. At the high end, Madison Carter Finance has the capabilities of making investments of greater than £50 million+.

Will Madison Carter Finance need to raise equity or find investors to complete a transaction?

No. Our capital is fully committed and we are ready to complete a transaction.

How does Madison Carter Finance being structured as a holding company impact its business?

The biggest difference is that Madison Carter Finance is not constrained by a fund life, meaning there is no reason Madison Carter Finance will ever be forced to sell an investment. This allows Madison Carter Finance to think about building businesses over decades, not just fundraising cycles.

Does Madison Carter Finance have an operations plan for acquired businesses?

Yes. Steve will appoint a CEO along with the board and work closely with the appointed manager with the day to day operations of the business. Steve’s involvement will be determined by the needs of the company.

I still have more questions. Who should I talk to?

Madison Carter Finance is to build a portfolio of business that we hold for the long term (LTH). Steve is the person you should speak with.

Building Relationships

Maintaining Relationships

Acquiring & Maintaining Businesses

Get In Touch

If you are a broker or have a friend or family member selling a business, or lender or investor Steve would like to connect. Steven Coogan