Downsizing With A Bridging Loan Hampstead London NW3

downsizing bridging loan

Customer: Private Client

Category: Downsizing with a bridging loan

Date: August, 2023

Status: Completed

Tags: Downsizing with a bridging loan,bridging loan

About the project

An existing client had just built their dream home in Hampstead, London, NW3 with a GDV of £10m. They over spent on the build and wanted to enjoy the home before they had to sell. The rate secured was a floater at 7.0% pa rolled up for 36 months (3 years) but can go to 60 months (5 years) subjected to equity position (as the interest is retained). We raised £1m.

What we did

We bought the client 36 months to sell and enjoy the home. More than enough time to sell such a luxury home.

  1. LTV 10%
  2. Interest Rate 7% per annum
  3. Rolled up interest
  4. Interest was retained for the term

Steven Coogan


We gave comfort to the client to enjoy his master piece and sell at his own pace

  • Releases equity on day one
  • Bought 3 years time horizon to sell the home
  • Did not have to service the loan
  • Had funds to complete the build to an exceptional finish and furnishings
Steven Coogan

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