Development Exit Finance Exeter

Development Exit Finance Exeter

I am so very grateful to Steven for giving me such invaluable advice. I have several properties and have experience with many brokers but Steven is simply the very best. His knowledge, experience and understanding of the market is priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shilpa Pujara

Customer Type:

Professional Landlord


Development Exit Finance To A Commercial Term Loan




Development Exit Finance, Commercial Term Loan

Gross Development Value (GDV)


Loan To Value (LTV)



12 Months (1 Year)

About the project

Development Exit Finance Exeter

A developer exit finance product to finance away from a commercial facility as the loan was being called in. This was a mixed used development with commercial and HMO’s above.


Development Exit Finance Exeter

What we did

We refinanced the client from a principle lender that had 30 days to exit the loan onto an exit product. This gave them 12 months to source a commercial term loan.  The loan to value (LTV) was extremely modest and we felt this was a good out for the borrower.

Steven Coogan


We gave the property investor / landlord a solid deal so they could draw down on time at competitive rates.

We generated the funds required to pay the principle lender and gave them time to obtain terms for a long term commercial loan should they need it.  The product was a tracker over base but had a large exit fee. Thus, the total to pay was similar to refinancing with a bridging loan and then a term loan with flexibility. This type of funding is a tough market as of Nov-23.

Steven Coogan

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