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Bridging Loans

Bridging Loans – £1m - £250m

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Steve Coogan MSc, CeMap

Get the best bridging loan deal for your circumstances.

Very pleased with Maddison Carter Finance. Excellent service, very thorough and happy to go the extra mile. Would highly recommend!!

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Bridging Loan

Bridging Loan

A bridging loan can be used for multiple reasons and we have the product to suit your needs. This ranges from owner occupiers downsizing to property investors, property developers and many more uses.

Auction Bridging Finance

Bridging Loan Auction

Madison Carter Finance Auction Bridging Finance is a high-quality bridging loan product. We strategically advise property developers or would be property auction purchasers who require finance to complete a transaction within 4 weeks.Our fastest deal from submission to a lender to cleared funds – is 3 working days.

Short Term Sources Of Finance

Short Term Sources Of Finance For Property Development Or And Business Purposes

Madison Carter Finance offers advice on short-term finance for business ownersindividuals as wella as property development. Short-term funding options include bridging loans, development finance and second charge finance. Borrowers with property assets can access short-term financing without disclosing their income.

Development Exit Finance

Developer Exit Loans

Madison Carter Finance’s Development Exit Finance is a high-quality bridging loan product. We strategically advise property developers who have hit, or are about to hit, practical completion on their project—allowing developers to refinance away from an existing lender with capital raise.

Second Charge Bridging Loans

Second Charge Bridging Finance

Madison Carter Finance Second Charge Bridging Loan is a high-quality bridging loan product. Its a strategic Bridging Loan and we can complete a transaction within 4 weeks from application.

Refurbishment Loan

A Closer Look At Refurbishment Bridging Loans

Madison Carter Finance offers refurbishment bridging loans that provide quick financing for property purchases and renovations. Light and heavy refurbishment finance options are available, making it easier to upgrade properties to meet regulations and enhance their overall value.

Downsizing With A Bridging Loan

How Can a Bridging Loan Help Me Downsize?


Madison Carter Finance provides bridging loans that offer quick access to funds for seniors looking to downsize. Our loans enable retirees to become cash buyers, move rapidly, and purchase their ideal new home before selling their existing property, making downsizing easier and stress-free.

Bridging Loan Calculator

Bridging Finance Calculator


Madison Carter Finance offers a convenient Bridging Loan Calculator that assists in assessing the costs and the the net loan amount compared to the gross loan amount on day one. Other factors to consider are expenses such as valuation fees, solicitors’ charges, and any other related costs