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Bridging Loan

Large Bridging Loans

Large Bridging Loans is what Madison Carter Finance do! We are determined to make it our business to deliver a cheaper, faster bridging loan on the best terms.

Read more and if you have any questions reach out and Madison Carter Finance are but a phone call away 020 7 431 7606

Steven was incredibly helpful and supportive- very genuine and knowledgeable and I would recommend him very highly.

Cordelia Galgut

Largest Bridging Loan Advised On


Fastest Transaction

3 working days from submission to the lender

Largest GDV Advised On


Madison Carter Finance are experts in Large Bridging Loans. They understand the complexity behind each clients circumstances.

Madison Carter Finance’s Largest Bridging Loan to advise on to date was £30m. This was a complex title structure, cross collateralisation, a client that had a colourful credit history with a freehold having multiple leases, under it, and with multiple lenders having a charge over the properties.

This product is designed for our high net worth individuals or ultra high net worth individuals clients.

Bridging Finance

Bridging finance is flexible non-status lending. Meaning you don’t need to display any income in order to secure a loan. Bridging finance is actively used by property investors and entrepreneurs but not exclusively.

Bridging Loan Rate

Rates for bridging loan vary on many factors. The loan to value ratio. Also known as the LTV. The asset that is being used as security and the amount of time you need to hold the loan. The maximum term is 18-24 months. Bridging loan rates have never been as competitive. Starting from 0.14% per month.

The loan to value can be as high as 100% of purchase price.

Simply calculate your next Bridging loan with our Bridging loan Calculator.

Bridging Loan

UPDATE: Rates starting from 0.55% per month, a maximum loan to value (LTV) up to 85% and no maximum loan size with Madison Carter Finance


What documentation is required for a bridging loan?

  1. An up to date credit file
  2. Passport and driving licence
  3. Personal Bank statement dated within the last 3 months

For Property Developers & Investors

  1. Asset & Liabilities
  2. CV
  3. Business Bank statement dated within the last 3 months

What is the bridging loan process?

  1. Fill in a fact find with an advisor. This can be done over the phone or you can fill in an online form.
  2. Thereafter, provide documentation to support the fact find.
  3. Madison Carter Finance submits your case to the lender.
  4. Every lender has a slightly different process. Once the application has been made successful a surveyor and solicitors are instructed.
  5. Provided the valuation and survey stack up and no major concerns are found with the security, the full offer will be granted and then it’s full steam onto legals. This could be a 180 days valuation or full red book valuation survey.
  6. The lawyers will check the title, conduct the conveyancing and should have applied for searches. Then, they will report to the lender/client and exchange the transaction with a completion date set before you exchange contracts.

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Your Trusted Bridging Loan Advisor

We broker bridging loans for property developers, property investors and HNWI entrepreneurs, we naturally also advise about development finance.

Let our trusted team offer you advice that suits your specific circumstances. We’re a reliable and reputable choice for all your bridging loan needs, so contact our team today. We’re looking forward to working with you and to offering you service, automation, and advice.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) may regulate your loan. If your loan is regulated we can deal with your application. It must be submitted through an FCA regulated intermediary.